WriteSpike - social media designed by writers, for writers.

In 2018, Tanya launched a new and unique social media concept, WriteSpike.com, giving writers a fresh, alternative way to connect and showcase their talent. WriteSpike is a community, a worldwide family of readers, writers, artists, musicians, and visionaries. It is a platform where writers can be their authentic selves while joining others who are doing the same.

Readers have access to stories, articles, original music, and works from thousands of new authors and artists daily. Users can follow their favorite talent and comment on their work, engage one another through private messaging or live chat options, invite friends to join and review posts together, or get instant feedback on their own posts from those who know them best and those who want to know them better.

The site is free to join, and the possibilities for connection and discovery are endless. If you haven't already, join us! It might just be the beginning of a story worth telling.