Tyne E. Tells

In everyone's life there is a Tyne E. You just have to know where to look.

Finding the mysterious trunk in the attic of her mom’s house seemed odd to Savannah, but not as odd as when pages of a story her granddad had written during his race against dementia began to fill the empty trunk. Granddad had been gone for nearly a year, but the pages arrived like clockwork. Each night the adventures of Tyne E. — a mouse jockey with a gang of friends who pull off the biggest switcheroo in Palmetto Derby history — show up in the trunk for Savannah to read. Tyne E.’s dilemma of how to keep his new best friend P, the amnesia-stricken, yet most talented racehorse in the state, from being returned to his mean, dishonest owner, Mr. Cheatham, consumed Savannah’s every thought and soon became more real than she ever expected. How was Savannah to know her granddad’s story would inspire a school revolt at Ward Middle, or that by the end of the week, every student in Mr. Weiss’ fifth period biology class would be counting on her to save their grades? The pressure was on, and Savannah felt up to the task — until the night the pages stopped. How would she help her friends now? And why did her granddad’s pages stop appearing in the trunk? Savannah had to know the end of the story. But endings aren’t always as they seem, and this one will change Savannah’s life forever. TYNE E. TELLS is an amusing, energetic coming-of-age story ripe with adventure, mystery, and emotion. A perfect read for fans of Cassie Beasley’s Circus Mirandus and Ingrid Law’s Savvy who enjoy stories of bittersweet reality made sweeter with a little spark of magic. Through love, Savannah’s granddad transcends impossible boundaries, reaching out in the magical moments of his story to reveal a universal truth. Those who come before us begin a story, and we do our best to pick up where they left off, delivering each page as we go.

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